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Yesung Twitter Update : @shfly3424: I couldn’t sleep, so I feel tired in the morning.. A picture of Ye and Kyu in Kobe!   

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HEY GUYS!!! So This is my first ever ‘GIVEAWAY’ for New Year ^^ I hope you guys will participate in this to win these lovely ELFISH packages from me. Two lucky ELF will get this packages. 

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  • Donghae life size pillow cover 150 x 150 cm CLICK! 
  • Donghae file folder ^^
  • Three bookmarks with Donghae pictures :D CLICK! 
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Deadline 10 jan 2013
Click the link for the picture, any questions regarding this giveaway please feel free to drop by on my ask box :D Good luck and happy rebloging xD 
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43/100 Photo’s of Donghae


donghae861015: 사랑하는 할배 박근형 선생님 영화 많이 사랑해 주세요 ^^

[TRANS] Please give lots of love to my beloved grandpa Park Geunhyung teacher-nim’s movie ^^

credits: @13elieveSG


Cr: 小帕Ana

cr: HARU_HHWHM, photo by 阿付